Specialist readymix, sprayed concretes
and ballastcrete

Specialist readymix, sprayed concretes and ballastcrete

What we offer you

Our national capability of quarries and ready mix concrete operations offers supply assurance even in the most remote or challenging  locations and our mobile site batch concrete fleet means we are uniquely positioned to  support your project with any concrete solution.

We have supported supply and innovation of building materials for over 150 years. We like to think this means you can trust us to deliver against your project requirements.

About our concrete

We produce concretes that are suitable for a wide range of applications, including major commercial, industrial and civil engineering construction projects. We are members of the BSI  Kitemark Scheme for Ready Mixed Concrete and our Technical Services department ensures all our products conform to the many  requirements of BS 8500.

We are committed to minimising our  environmental impact and are the only supplier to have achieved a “Very Good” rating under BES6601- the standard for responsible sourcing of construction products. This means our  customers can achieve the maximum 3 BREEAM credits. Mobile batching plants also reduce traffic movements – saving time and carbon impacts.

Flexible fleet

Our range of site batch concrete plants allow you to select outputs from 40m3hr to 100m3hr. The risk associated with technically complex mixes is significantly reduced and higher quality standards are maintained. Learn more about our fleet

Reduced carbon footprint

Our readymix site plants reduce traffic movements in busy periods thus improving the overall carbon footprint. Bulk materials will be delivered to the closest railhead, river jetty or seaport.

24/7 operations

You can work around the clock at minimal extra cost. Site batching also removes the need for deliveries at night, helping to overcome planning constraints. Our plants can even be placed in acoustic sheds.

Dedicated resource

Choosing Site Batch puts you in control. Production can be adapted to suit the ever-changing demands of complex construction projects. It also leads to safer operations.

High Volumes

If your project required high volumes on a regular basis, local concrete plants might not be able to provide surety of supply. A dedicated batching plant will ensure that sufficient capacity is on demand and that your requirements will be unaffected by the day to day demands of local suppliers' underlying business.

Case Study – Amazon Darlington 

The Amazon Darlington project required 30,000m3 for internal floor slabs in less than in four months. Daily volumes consistently exceeded 700m3 per day.

Completed in 2019, the floors created with Tarmac concrete are used as exemplars of best in class by Amazon. Its construction teams from around the world visit the distribution centre to see what great looks like.

Main Contractor - ISG

Remote Locations

Some projects are located many miles from the nearest concrete plant. Our mobile batching facilities ensure that deliveries are not affected by traffic issues and that quality is not impacted by wet concrete travelling long distances.

Case Study – Coal Clough Wind Farm 

Located in rural Lancashire, this windfarm site was too remote to be supplied by existing concrete plants. Our 60m3 per hour plant was ideally sized to produce concrete for the large turbine bases.

Inexpensive installation and removal costs, combined with low running costs, ensured that concrete could be provided at competitive rates where no other option was available. 

Main Contractor - Farrans

Site Constraints

Planning and DCO constraints can impact your ability to achieve the volumes your programme requires. Our site-based solutions allow dry cement and aggregates to be delivered during off-peak hours, or by specialist transport such as barges. This means you can have on-demand, uninterrupted supplies throughout your shift. 

Case Study – Thames Tideway Tunnel 

Planning restrictions in central London restricted vehicle movement and precluded work outside normal working hours. This created a challenge because sprayed concrete was required to line a 60m deep shaft that was continuously excavated in a 24/7 operation.  

Our plant was set up inside an acoustic shed to allow night shift and weekend working. Aggregates and cement were delivered during the working week and stored ready for on demand use. 

Main Contractor - BMB

Specialist Products

Mainstream concrete plants are often unable to mix special products such as shotcrete or high-density mixes to the required specification. Our dedicated batching plants are equipped to produce concrete to your specific needs.

Case Study – High Density Ship Ballast 

A highly specialised mix was needed to stabilise the hulls of HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Queen Elizabeth. The concrete needed sufficient mass to perform correctly, but with low volumes that could be pumped into the bottom of the vessel, 150m from the dockside.

Our plant was adapted to allow incorporation of admixtures and heavy metals. It was located on the quayside close to the pumping operation to ensure the tightest quality control. 

Main Contractor - BAE Systems