High quality site batched concrete

High quality site batched concrete

High quality site batched concrete

High performance concrete

Working with our mobile site batch concrete teams offers you access to a unique range of performance concretes and technical support. Four of the most widely used solutions are highlighted below.

If you have a particular performance criteria for your project, please speak to our team.


Fibre reinforced concrete

Topforce is reinforced with either macro  synthetic or steel fibres and can be designed to exclude traditional steel reinforcement.


Sprayed Concrete

Site batching is the ideal way to produce sprayed concrete. It provides ultimate control at the point of use and allows your production teams to call off material exactly when they need it. We can produce concrete to your specification, provide proprietary mixes, or develop bespoke products in collaboration with your technical team.


Self compacting concrete

Highly fluid, Topflow is the ultimate  self-compacting concrete. It can be poured quickly, flowing and spreading effortlessly to provide an exceptional, highly quality finish.


Early strength concrete 

Toproc Rapid delivers a range of concretes that provide both rapid setting and high early strength properties resulting in increased  turnaround and productivity.


Wind Farms

By nature, wind farms are in remote locations. The foundations involve large volumes, but local supply is rarely available.

Our smaller Ultra Mobile plants are ideally suited to such projects. They produce between 40m3 and 60m3 per hour and can be erected in only two weeks.

Case Study – Coal Clough Wind Farm 

Located in rural Lancashire, this windfarm site was too remote to be supplied by existing concrete plants. Our 60m3 per hour plant was ideally sized to produce concrete for the large turbine bases.

Inexpensive installation and removal costs, combined with low running costs, ensured that concrete could be provided at competitive rates where no other option was available. 

Main Contractor - Farrans


Flooring projects, especially with the advent of multi-storey distribution centres, need volumes of up to 1,000m3 day after day. Frequently, local suppliers cannot cope with this high demand and this is where site batched solutions become the ideal option.

We offer different mixes for seasonal conditions and can provide advice on alternative designs for various specifications.

Case Study – Amazon Darlington 

The Amazon Darlington project required 30,000m3 for internal floor slabs in less than in four months. Daily volumes consistently exceeded 700m3 per day.

Completed in 2019, the floors created with Tarmac concrete are used as exemplars of best in class by Amazon. Its construction teams from around the world visit the distribution centre to see what great looks like.

Main Contractor - ISG

Ship Ballast

Ship ballast inevitably involves very tight concrete specifications. The possibility of imperfect product being installed in confined compartmentalised locations at the bottom of vessels is clearly unacceptable.

We offer dedicated, highly controlled, supply that can be tested and quality checked in the immediate vicinity of the pour.

Case Study – HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Queen Elizabeth

A highly specialised mix was needed to stabilise the hulls of HMS Prince of Wales and HMS Queen Elizabeth. The concrete needed sufficient mass to perform correctly, but with low volumes that could be pumped into the bottom of the vessel, 150m from the dockside.

Our plant was adapted to allow incorporation of admixtures and heavy metals. It was located on the quayside close to the pumping operation to ensure the tightest quality control. 

Main Contractor - BAE Systems


Programme timings are critical on tunnelling schemes. Reducing prelim, plant and labour costs make or break the success of a project. In addition, tunnelling work is often undertaken in big, congested cities with strict planning constraints, but still need to operate on a 24/7 basis.

Dedicated supply is essential to ensure that your job runs smoothly. Site-based batching plants are the ideal solution.

We offer a range of products including sprayed concrete, specialist lining and grouting products, all produced to the demanding specifications that come with high profile infrastructure schemes.

Case Study – Thames Tideway Tunnel 

Planning restrictions in central London restricted vehicle movement and precluded work outside normal working hours. This created a challenge because sprayed concrete was required to line a 60m deep shaft that was continuously excavated in a 24/7 operation.  

Our plant was set up inside an acoustic shed to allow night shift and weekend working. Aggregates and cement were delivered during the working week and stored ready for on demand use. 

Main Contractor - BMB

Large Structures

Major structures require tight quality control and very consistent material. They normally involve short bursts of high volumes of concrete in short durations or longer periods of 24-hour slipform.

Our site-based readymix batching plants are ideally suited to both applications. With outputs up to 100m3 they can cope with almost any programme requirements and can operate throughout the night without trucks entering or leaving site.

Case Study – Rookery Pit Energy from Waste

This 30,000m3 project for Hitachi near Bedford involved multiple 400m3 pours and a continuous three week slipform element.

We deployed a 100m3 per hour plant to ensure that every project milestone was met on time. The main contractor enjoyed the benefits of dedicated supply allowing flexible scheduling with reduced programme risk.

See the structure developing here.

Main Contractor - Byrne Bros


Large road schemes are often ideal for batch on site.

They might involve concrete pavement, large bridges, central barrier and extensive drainage. In addition, they are frequently in areas that are not well served by the local supply chain.

Ultra Mobile concrete batching plants can be placed in optimum locations and even moved to different parts of the project as your contract progresses.

Case Study – M3 Junction 2 to Junction 4a

Our Ultra Mobile concrete plant allowed the contractor to operate batching facilities in a location that minimised traffic movements. This ensured supplies were available during peak periods on a congested road network.

Tarmac produced reliable, cost effective concrete for the main contractor and its supply chain, for structures, extruded barrier and drainage.

Main Contractor - Balfour Beatty

External Pavements

Our mobile batching plants supply consistently high volumes of readymix concrete. Suitable for producing concrete used in extensive exterior slabs for distribution centres, or airside in secure aviation environments, our mobile plants can provide the ideal solution.

Concrete is time sensitive material. Being able to call on supply from the immediate vicinity is essential to effective programme operations.

Case Study – Heathrow Airport

Tarmac has been supplying concrete in an airside environment for over 15 years.

We have consistently met the demands of pressurised programmes and supplied PQ concrete to the tightest of specifications.

Main Contractor - Various

Piling and Foundations

Heavy groundworks regularly involve high volumes of specialist product in short durations. Site batch plants can operate multiple piling rigs, all demanding a continuous supply of concrete. Diaphragm walls usually need massive quantities that must be delivered at the back end of the shift.

Case Study – Tottenham Hotspur Stadium

The initial phases of this prestigious project, including the piled foundations, were delivered on programme, due in no small part to the use of our site batch solution.
The innovative design involved extracting aggregates from beneath the old stadium and using them to produce high quality concrete in a very sustainable way.

Main Contractor - Mace